Pandit Guruji
 K.Mathiyazhagan Swamigal
The World is dominated both by THEISM and ATHEISM respectively as two philosophical doctrines, but it is being ruled by ASTROLOGY in all respects, which is being accepted even by ATHEIST, and this NADI ASTROLOGY is prominent everywhere and being supported by ATHEISM. This art of Nadi which is promulgated by Sages and Rishis of the ancient past through the proclamation of wisdom reason and insight. This art of Nadi Astrology is the successful combination of spiritualism and science, which forecast the future, is being portrayed without the slip of an atom.

Thousands of years ago sages who had the power to look in the past and future of the entire universe recorded the future of people who were living and who are going to live, in the form of Palm leaves.

If we do research to find out the difference between Natal Astrology and Nadi Astrology, prediction based upon arithmetical calculation by men is Natal Astrology and forecasting by Rishis with their spiritual power, already written in the Palm Leaf is Nadi Astrology. The Arithmetical prediction predicated by the ordinary people may lead to failure in most cases.

This may be perhaps defective and erosive. Further, all aspects can't be positively predicted by observing the position of Planets in this era, because no one observes correct birth time of the baby. Then how to observe the correct birth time, the time at which the head of the baby coming out of the womb of the mother is the correct birth time. So keeping aside this sort of slipping possibilities methods, and let us, look in to the forecasting made by the Rishis and Sages based upon thumb prints, is purely by their spiritual wisdom. It is not arithmetical calculations and hence the sayings of the Rishis and Sages will never be failed. They are almost possessor of word Power.

This could be predicted only by the thumb impression of the individual. To those, who are unable to visit in person, we have given some guidelines and these questionnaire could be filled in correctly and to be sent to us by post. On receipt of your thump impression and details, we will search out your Palm Leaf and send explanatory notes of the future happenings to you.

Everybody's future life details can be read through the nadi leaves of ancient Maharishis Agathiyar, Biruku, Kousikar, Sukar etc.,

Note : Apart from the above Gowsik Naadi, Sukar Naadi, Agathiyar Naadi, Magha Siva Vaukkiyam benefits and Prasana Kaandam (Solving problems) Gnanakaandam, Planetary Happenings Chapters are available.
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